Would you want to have the comfort of living while travelling?

There is a big difference between living and travelling. While travelling you enjoy short duration in a city/town but you miss the comfort of home type living environment. Amazing accommodations was started to bridge this gap and provide accommodations where you feel as if you live there rather than just travelling.

Most travellers are not happy staying in hotels because of ridiculously high charges for internet usage, Expensive meals in the hotel restaurants, no option for self-cooking, No Access to Full size Fridge. On top of that when you call to change your reservation, you always speak to a different person and you need to repeat yourself again and again.

Amazing Accommodations was started keeping in mind all of the above issues. All the Amazing Accommodations apartments come with free wifi internet, a kitchen with kitchenette, Full size Fridge, TV, Washing Machine , Dryer etc. to make you feel at home..