About Us

Pawan Sinha- Director Amazing Accommodations

I have worked in business/IT consulting projects for more than 15 years assisting large businesses.

While travelling for projects works I stayed in various hotels around the globe. I felt that in most hotels the customer experiences can be improved significantly with a little more effort.

With this vision to provide amazing experiences to guests/travellers, I started Amazing Accommodations in 2014.

Melbourne has been home to me for more than a decade and I understand the requirements and challenges of visitors and migrants quite well. Follow my blogs about where to stay in Melbourne, where to eat in Melbourne, how to book short stay etc. blog. I often organize dinner nights for expats and visitors to show them the blend of multicultural cuisine that Melbourne has on offer. You are welcome to join.

You are also welcome to book a one-on –one skype session with me to plan your trip. This is a completely free service from Amazing Accommodations. If you are already here in Melbourne, this can be done face to face over a coffee. I also help our guest in finding long term accommodations, giving references for rentals etc. Looking forward to provide amazing experience to you.

Aline Cattaneo- Residential Guest Manager
Amazing Accommodations: Vogue

I specialize in Environmental science and apart from looking after environmental aspects(e.g. use of chemicals for cleaning, disposal of waste etc.), I am here to ensure that our guests have safe and comfortable stay. I reside in vogue building.