Whether it is a weekend away to celebrate a special occasion or it’s a honeymoon tour, we can add to your experience by providing a bottle of wine, Room with private spa and more.. If you are coming to Melbourne for first time and want some help in planning your trip, book a free online session with Pawan by clicking here or whatsapp +61416542610.
Whether it is sporting event, family get together or friends traveling together, we may be able to help. Often, we have special offer enquires on group bookings, please call us on +61416542610 or fill up the form here.
For regular corporate bookings, we have special discounts, please call +61416542610 or send and enquiry here.
Whether you are moving to Melbourne from overseas or from another state, we have full solution for you. We have successfully hosted many migrants and helped them with getting to know Melbourne, integrating with local culture and finding a suitable long term accommodation. Book a free online session with Pawan to plan your trip. Whatsapp +61416542610 to book a time to send your enquiry here.
We have several lucrative packages for project professionals and expats. Whether you are coming here for a small assignment for a couple of weeks or for an extended period, we have special arrangements for you. Our all- inclusive packages include Airport pick up, Light grocery in your fridge when you arrive, Public transport card etc. Contact us now for a Project professional Voucher here and you can book online.
Moving to Melbourne on a student Visa? We have all inclusive welcome package for you. If the “whole apartment” packages are too expensive, we can allow shared short stay as well(Currently only in St Kilda Property). Our very large two bedroom apartment can accommodate up to 4 people easily and we can include airport pickup, light breakfast grocery and public transport card etc. in your welcome package. Contact us now for a student Voucher here and you can book online.